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Your business Video on Google’s 1st page, guaranteed

You can Pay Per Click, or you can virtually own your own keywords organically!

If you could advertise on a billboard you would, wouldn’t you! Watch this video which explains the concept of advertising your business or service with a targeted video.

 Have a completed video?

Do you already have a video or have the time to create your message professionally? Great, we at  webvideo-us can place your creation on the first page of Google for most search categories.

Imagine being able to say “I’m the #1 realtor on Google for Boston or Los Angeles”

Imagine being able to say to your clients “Just Google ‘homes for sale Boston’ and you;ll find me” And they will because your colourful video image  will stand out against the dreary lines of text around it.  It’s your video billboard!
Ask for Carlos for the search engine optimization which will make this happen for you. Carlos has over 15 years SEO (search engine Optimization ) experience. He recently took a cancer clinic in Los Angeles from $3 million turnover to over $20 million using the same techniques we use here, so you’re in good hands, guaranteed!

Video production

If you have any combination of interviews, testimonials graphics or audio we can weave them into a professional video production for you, with or without a presenter; we advise, you choose!
Richard is our filmmaker and scriptwriter and prides himself on being able to get the right message for your product or service crafted in the right tone to produce the greatest impact for your audience. Richard has over 30 years in the film business and is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) so you see his scripts are heard in the most effective manner by the largest amount of people.

Don’t have a video?

Leave it to us! After we find out what makes your product or service tick we’ll produce the video from script to YouTube and beyond.  As you can see from some of our videos we often use green-screen techniques for maximum control  in a studio and it’s crisp, professional image . Video production certainly isn’t easy but it can be faster than you think  and you might not even have to leave your office to get the job done!

Other aspects of video creation to consider:

If you don’t have a great script, you don’t have a great message!
Most people overlook the importance of this fact when they make their videos. Based on your information and our research we often surprise clients with what we create because we can look at the subject from a fresh perspective.

The creator of the product is often not the best person to translate the ‘need for the product ‘(the stimulus to buy) to their clients. This is, after all why advertising agencies are employed. Give us your bullet points and we’ll do the rest!


Who is the best person to represent your product? Will it be you, a member of your staff or someone else, a presenter? We suggest you use a person that can create empathy with your audience. For this reason we don’t feel animated characters create the same bond with the viewer except in limited circumstances.
If you want your message created fast and professionally then leave it to us.


This is a potent addition to a convincing and authentic promotion for your business. Having genuine users of your product or service talk about their good buying experiences is as close to word-of-mouth advertising as you can get. It pays dividends, and the more you have the less resistance your prospect will have to making a purchase. You can record the testimonials yourself or if you are in the Los Angeles or Boston areas we can do this for you.


Editing is a time-consuming job that requires great patience and organization. Combining  talent (actor/presenter/client), images, music, voiceover and effects, into one impressive message is quite an art. We supply it!

Once completed the Search Engine Optimization begins and videos are uploaded on to YouTube and optimized onto the first page of Google and YouTube searches which are the best for your product or service. It usually takes between 1 to 4 weeks. On occasions, when the competition is very high, it might take longer to place a video on Google’s 1st page.

At  webvideo-us we are here to listen and help; we make creative suggestions that get your message seen.
Contact or call Richard 310 666 0507 or Carlos 310 562 1813
Below are some examples of videos we have created from script to completion and placement on the 1st page of Google.

Each of the following videos is found on the 1st page of Google or YouTube searches:

“Manhattan Beach Homes for Sale”

“martha’s vineyard house for sale”

“best life coach quincy ma”

“overcome fear of public speaking los angeles”

“what is crm software?”

“stop smoking boston” “quit smoking honolulu” 

“tax preparation orlando”

“brain nutrition certification

“your video billboard vy the google highway”

“no contract cell/best prepaid cell phone plan la”

My SeOS homepage video intro

Ironforge’s Custom Fireplace Screens Intro

The Cure To Cancer Conference 2014

“fear of public speaking courses quincy”

“art classes children el segundo”

“overcome fear of public speaking los angeles

Our SEO strategy service to place your YouTube videos on the first page of Google are guaranteed. If we are not able to place your video on Google’s 1st page, we don’t get paid!