For a pricing quote please email answers to the following seven questions to:

1.Your name

2. Company name and website

3. Email

4. Tel #

5. Description of your product or service with target audience and keywords.

6. Do you have your own professional video?

7. Do you have or can you produce interviews and testimonials?



2 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. Hi Richard — As mentioned in the voice message, my goal has been to figure out how best to get to at #3 on google organic searches for Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate, without costing a fortune. I have a few videos of listings but none of myself talking about it. I have a few written testimonials. Also, tell me if content like a Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate e-newsletter would help? I write one for a geographic area but would like to expand it and make it look more professional online.

    Target market is 1. people looking to buy a vacation home (Luxury and mid-market) on Martha’s Vineyard — 1/2 from MA, CT, NJ, RI, NY, PA but rest from worldwide, Canada, Europe and now China. And 2. people on Martha’s Vineyard looking to sell their home.


    1. Hello Perry,

      I’m Carlos, Richard’s business partner and SEO specialist
      and placing videos on the first page of Google.

      We can definitely place your video(s) and get them at #3 on google organic searches for “Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate“.
      Actually there are no YOuTube videos on the first 5 pages of Google search for this keyword: “Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate.

      The other keywords you mentioned is also excellent: “Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate e-newsletter” and helps.
      Your first goal is a very ambitious and excellent idea AND we can surely help you.
      I have a website for an international product that has 50% of visitors from all over the world. We can do that for you.

      I’ll call you to get more details and let you know specifically what we can do for your business.



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