The Power of Words

A compelling script is the engine that drives a video production:
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See Instructions below.

  1. It should keep viewers attention and make viewers want to learn more after every sentence.
  2. It has a message that produces a desired emotional response in the viewer.
  3. It compels the viewer to then take action!
  4. It should ideally be written by someone with directing, filming and editing experience who knows how to write for speech and is aware what media is likely to be involved and the timing of its appearance in the presentation.

It would be nice to think that we could just ad-lib a speech and it would sound compelling and informative, illustrating all we want to do, wouldn’t it? That’s definitely how it should look, as if you’ve just thought of it; fresh and passionately delivered, but unless you are a literary genius with the gift to instantly create stunningly well phrased sentences with split-second timing and amazing recall I suggest you don’t try it. You may have seen a politician or public figure giving a great, seemingly off-the-cuff speech. Trust me, days, weeks will have gone into crafting and honing that message by his or her team. We all need our team to make us look great!

This is how building a script works.

  1. Research. Know your subject; know the keywords and common terms and jargon for your intended market audience.
  2. Know the person who will deliver the speech. How will he or she cope with certain vocabulary, extended sentences with recurring themes. Can they be authentic delivering the speech you made for them?
  3. Practice delivery. Rehearse, rehearse and when it flows nicely and does what you want, stop editing and concentrate on delivery.
  4. Follow the script. Don’t ad-lib within the script. You have it perfect. You may upset the rhythm and flow and lose your train of thought if you inject new ideas on-the-fly.
  5. Save the new ideas for your next speech, there will be many more!

Here are two examples from our body of work.

Quit smoking Boston: Scripting begins with a title. You know immediately what you are clicking on. The opening words should emphasize that the viewer is going to get congruent information which reassures the viewer that the subject is still what he wants to hear to continue watching.

  • Giving up smoking is really difficult, it’s a fact.”
  • Next line emphasizes the huge problem smokers face.
  • The odds are astoundingly against you giving it up…(and here’s the lure)…if you do it alone.” Now comes the attractive pull-in…, fantastic news… you’re not alone and defeated, you can be helped with our product.Do you see now how a structured script leads viewers through a classic emotional timeline template to get the appropriate emotional response? Not surprisingly NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is used liberally. This method works where an off-the-cuff or hastily written script misses the mark or simply fails.

Lets take another video ‘The cure to Cancer conference’

  • “That’s for doctors isn’t it” you might say, so the script has to draw in a more unlikely audience, the average person.
  • The opening line begins with a direct question to make you think: ”How many people do you think suffer from cancer?
  • It uses the presenters perspective in a vulnerable and viewer-aligning statement “I thought it was about one in 20” which most people would think was true. It follows quickly with the dire situation that confronts us living in a sea of cancer risk, and then equally quickly presents the solution with a concrete well trusted phrase: “Information is power” and the presenter goes on to convince us that this product, attending a conference will solve the problem we have.
  • So you see one great technique to at least start your script is by eliciting emotions through self-questioning which provides the receptive basis on which to place your solution for the viewer. They feel they have been part of coming up with the solution, which makes them want to let their friends know what they have found because they are emotionally moved by the information.
  • Why writing your own scripts may not be the best solution.
  • Have you ever asked an expert to explain something? Did you get a great answer that you understood and could take immediate action on? Probably not. When I got my first computer I was intimidated by it and didn’t have a clue so I found a computer literate person who whizzed over the keyboard saying, “do this, this and this, it’s easy”. It wasn’t. I was more intimidated than ever! Why? Because he wasn’t the best person to explain what he does, he’s too far down the rabbit hole! Similarly, as owners and creators of our own products and services we are full of what we think is fabulous information to give viewers, yet invariably it’s not in a form viewers can easily and quickly assimilate so that they can take action from it.The script is about your prospect clients! Not about you and your product!
  • This is where a scriptwriter is like gold-plating on your presentation. He will look at your product from a professional perspective, research what will work to explain and write a cleverly worded and phrased flow of ideas that transport viewers emotions into the logic of clicking to buy or get more information on the way to a sale.
  • Richard’s script was spectacularly good at condensing and converting the information I gave him into a terrific script that I never would have come up with; he sees you from a very different angle and that’s invaluable to bring out your good points to get your message across to your audience.” Betsy Trethewey Keynote speaker, motivational coach and realtor trainer.

Order your video script emailing Richard at Required information we need from you:

  1. Your product or service description or
  2. The subject/content of your video
  3. Main keywords if you know them (we will suggest keywords from our own research)
  4. Your niche as specific as possible
  5. Other information you believe it’s important as you know your product, service or subject.


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